Chris Smith and his wife Christine, have a rich Christian heritage. Their fathers were pastors, and as children well-known preachers, evangelists and missionaries like Smith Wigglesworth, Gladys Aylward, John Nelson Parr, and Willie Burton, were frequent visitors to their homes. As teenagers both of them helped in their fathers’ labours.

Having always believed he was called to the ministry, Chris attended the Bible College of Wales, founded by Rees Howells, where he was taught how to live ‘a life of faith’, and at the end of the course received an exceptional recommendation from the Founder’s son, Samuel Howells.

Christine and Chris met at their denomination’s annual general conference. After their marriage, their own fathers officiating, they became the youngest ordained ministers in the denomination, travelling throughout Great Britain and Ireland as ‘Kris & Kristine the Sunshine Evangelists’, Chris being the preacher & Christine the children’s evangelist, and musician.

Chris and Christine were then called in a dramatic way to take the Gospel to the Gypsy people who live in the caves of southern Spain. They sold all they had and went to Franco’s Spain, trusting the Lord to provide for their needs, as their denomination was unable to sponsor them due to financial restraints. To Chris and Christine’s surprise they were the first to arrive in that location with the Gospel, and a stack of Bibles to distribute, and found themselves faced with extreme opposition and danger, especially when they started to construct their own mission station.

After many years of faithfully preaching the Gospel to the many cave-dwellers in this mountainous region, they also had the privilege of establishing an international church in Spain, which having grown rapidly, has in turn started five other smaller churches.

In the United Kingdom they founded a Bible college, which now under their son’s direction it has grown beyond expectation, training pastors around the world.

In recent years, Chris and Christine have continued in their evangelistic efforts, being the ministry they love, travelling tens of thousands of miles throughout Europe – from Spain to Romania – preaching the Gospel and distributing their own publication of a bi-lingual Gospel in both the Gypsy language and Spanish, and taking aid convoys to orphanages, Gypsy churches, and hospitals across Romania.